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Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

SQL Lightning Talks - 4 Presentations, 4 times the info, 4 times the fun, and the price of admission is still free! Join IndyPASS for total of four 15-20 minute talks on a number of topics that will have something for all Data Enthusiasts!  

SQL 2016 SP1 Overview – I can name that tune in 20 minutes or less…
By: Joe McTaggart, Microsoft 

Managed Service Accounts –  I can’t wait to implement them!
By: Karen Smith, Anthem Inc.
Security teams are increasingly requesting DBA’s to change service account passwords more frequently.  Large IT shops are spending an inordinate amount of time with password management.  This presentation will highlight how to manage service account password changes with minimal time.  
Karen Smith is a Senior Database Administrator at Anthem Inc.  She has worked in information technology on various database technologies for over 30 years and with SQL Server for 20 years.  She is currently working on database projects that span across over 650 servers and involve thousands of databases.

Linked Servers, Fast Queries, and Skynet
By: Jay Robinson, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Linked servers in SQL Server can be quite handy. They can also be quite a performance nightmare. There are a couple of simple concepts to keep in mind when thinking about querying against them, and a not-so-simple method of applying those concepts when putting together the actual queries. Hold on for ten fast minutes, and you'll sharpen your T-SQL skills as well as have a more solid footing when faced with linked servers. And you just may help bring Skynet online!

Jay Robinson earned his MCSD and MCSE way back in 1999, getting certified on SQL Server 6.5 and 2000 along the way. A nice and quiet career as a developer followed. And then he came to ExactTarget (now the Salesforce Marketing Cloud) in 2008 and found out what real databases were like. Obsessed with speed, he spends his time writing code that makes big data go fast.

SMS Tips and Tricks
By: Brandon Lukes, Microsoft

As DBA’s, your primary tool to connect to SQL is likely SQL Server Management Studio. We will be covering some cool stuff from the options menu, a few formatting/query tips, and why you should use the latest SSMS client. Hopefully you’ll learn at least one trick to make your life easier.

My name is Brandon Lukes. I am a Microsoft SQL Premier Field Engineer based in Indianapolis. I’ve been working with SQL Server for over 10 years and have seen many versions. I’ve spent most my career as a DBA until joining Microsoft in 2015 as a PFE. My focus for SQL has been the engine, performance tuning, and high availability. But I know a little about a lot of other SQL things. 

5:30 - Professional Networking & Food
6:00 - Announcements
6:15 - Featured Presentation
7:15 - Prize Drawings

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 Upcoming Meetings

Next Month: Tuesday, November 15th, 2016'

Peter Shore

Infrastructure for the DBA: An Introduction

It doesn’t matter if you are a Junior DBA, an accidental DBA or all the way up to a Senior DBA, the infrastructure your SQL Server environment runs on is important.  Many among the DBA community came in as developers or perhaps directly into database administration roles it is equally possible that you have been out of the operations world long enough to have fallen out of the loop with what is happening.  This session is intended to provide a full stack infrastructure overview so that you can talk shop with your cohorts in operations to resolve issues and maybe even be proactive.  We will discuss, in an introductory fashion, hardware, network, storage, virtualization and operating system layers.  Additionally, some suggestions as to where to find more information will be provided.

Peter is a seasoned IT professional with over 20 years experience.  He spent his career on the infrastructure side of the house until taking the intentionally accidental DBA plunge in 2013.  Peter is comfortable working with both physical and virtual servers where he tries to apply best practices to attain performance improvements.  He is also adept at bridging the gap between technical and business language in order to bring technology solutions to business needs.

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